The Open Casket, writers prompt.

Check out this haunting piece in response to this week’s Thrilling Tuesday prompt.

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The Open Casket:

Gregory the Third’s skin looked grey in most kinds of light.  He towered above others at 6.7″, and had booming steps when not careful. But often he was.
He spent many nights retired at home, pencil tapping, frowning over a crossword on his cherry wood glazed table, with a heaping cup of tea steaming nearby. He had a small mansion on the edge of town, a quaint mansion. He was quite comfortable there. Born from wealth, his home made him feel closer to his old folks. His chair was red felt with brass buttons pinned at five places, like the five on a die. He had an antique black touch tone phone, and a bookshelf with old copies of the classics which he had read many times and never tired of. He also liked the occasional mystery or spy book. He had an English accent, unlike the locals.

Once a week he’d…

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