“Don’t close your eyes.”

This is a great little tale from Writers Town, written for the WR101 Tuesday prompt 🙂

Welcome to Writers Town

“Don’t close your eyes Marcie.”
“I will if I wanna. You aren’t the boss of me,” said Marcie crossing her arms, baby curls bouncing on both sides of her head in pigtails.   She wore a white shirt with grape spilled down the front and jeans.
“There ain’t nothing to be afraid of. Will you stop being such a baby?” said Robert, he poked a stick at the ground.
“Awe I told you we should have left her.” said John. John pointed to Marcie who still kept her eyes sealed closed.
“No way, my mom would’ve have railed me if I left her in the house alone.”
John leaned over to Robert and whispered, “Maybe we should leave her here and come back for her when we’re done-”
“No way, you aren’t leaving me here! Can’t we just go home? Please?” said Marcie.
“Quit your naggin. We’ll be outta here in a jiff. But not…

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