Mystery Monday prompt ~ A Full Moon

This one ends with a bang! A mystery which gave me the shivers and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this haunting tale written for this week’s mysterious Monday prompt.

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Wrote this based off this writer’s prompt with the picture here.

She looks out the window. The light calls to her. Her fingers reach out, touching the cold glass, tendrils of ice reach out around her fingers. The light is so bright. “Come here.” It says whispering. She stares at it.
“I would come, but I can’t,” she says to herself.
“Lily, lily, what are you doing?” She turns.
“Hi Rachel, what’s up?”
“What are you doing anyway?”
“There was a light out there.”
“What? I didn’t see any light.”
“Come on, I’ll help you with your homework. Okay?”
“Yeah I guess, but I am curious about the light you saw, can you tell me about it?” Lily looks at her scared. “Come on please? I won’t tell anyone.”
“It feels so cold, like silver and it’s lonely too.” She pauses gauging Rachel’s reaction, but who just stares at her wide…

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6 thoughts on “Mystery Monday prompt ~ A Full Moon

      1. That means a lot. I suppose I don’t give it much thought, but the concept that people find it a creative and supportive place makes me very happy. It’s what I hoped when I started the site and to share the joy of reading and writing is a rather sweet deal 🙂

      2. Absolutely. I love to read the contributions and I’m often inspired myself. Usually with the FF prompts. I’ve extremely tempted this week (what else is new!). Creating action scenes is something I particularly enjoy 🙂

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