Detective Tony Finds Himself a New Job.

A thrilling mystery to go with the Tuesday prompt. The characters stand out from the page 🙂

Welcome to Writers Town

The man lay passed out on the floor. Two men in khaki suits and ties stood over the body.
“This is really not what I do.”
“I know I know, you do petty robbery. How can I forget? But wouldn’t you like to do a real homicide? Just think what that would do to your career as a detective?”
“I just don’t know if I’m ready.”
“That’s okay. If you do decide you’re ready you know where to find me. Otherwise I will find someone who can handle this.” Mark begins to stride to the door and open it.
“Wait.” Mark turns. “Okay fine, yes I will do it.” says Anthony.
“That’s great news. I’m glad to hear it, you will enjoy the boost to your career. I will contact my men so they can assist you.”
“But I thought that this was my case?”
“Oh and it is.” Mark…

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