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cool car Kenneth

Kenneth was my ‘new’ old car. He rode like the wind; gusted, stalled, wafted, flurried, but he was a genuine Zephyr, Kitted out like a Knight rider, on his way to an all-knight diner. To say he was two tyred would only be half as tired as he felt.

I’d bought Kenneth from an impoverished Vampyr virgin called Nigel, who couldn’t cut the mustard, he just wasn’t seasoned enough. He’d been a dentist who always looked down in the mouth. A caretaker of unusual teeth: The tooth fairy and friends, pixies, ogres and beings with low elf esteem.

When I happened upon him stalking a chicken crossing the road (by gerbiling inside a monowheel). Nigel called it poultry in motion. Looked more like Hamster wheel globetrotting to Hamsterdam to me. When the Were-chook, rolled in the mud and crossed the road again, I knew she was a dirty double crosser.

Poor old…

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