Goodbye Kiss

Love Happy Notes kicks us off with this little treat for the 1st of September.
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Goodbye kiss

Dearest One
I’ve loved our time together, though we’ve oft been apart. How I miss your passion; I think of you through the light and dark. But the sleepless nights, the hair trauma from tossing and turning…Our melting moments mock me, I can’t put you away, for yearning.

My friend said, ‘His Nibs is bad for you’.
How dare they box you, and label you a sin! They couldn’t bar me, I didn’t listen to them. It’s as if you were handmade to my taste. I chose you for better or worse.

I know you seem hard on the outside, but I’ve felt you can be soft within. You were so sweet, and such a Smartie. There to sprinkle the good times and help block out the sad. You buttered me up with your brownie points, and milked it for all it was worth. I even loved you when you were nutty!

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