#READ AROUND THE WORLD Experiment #Appeal by #Author Andrew Buckley

This sounds like fun – do you want to lend your ‘voice’ to the project? 🙂

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Just received the following email from Author Andrew Buckley

andrew-buckleyCalling all able-bodied men, women, children, pets, aliens pretending to be humans, lycanthropes, vampires, various other things that go bump in the night, and all their friends.

I apologize for the bulk email but until I perfect my TARDIS design I’m stuck working within a normal human time frame which doesn’t allow me to adequately accommodate the several hundred things I have to accomplish each day.

In the past we’ve had some sort of contact be it through an interview, book review, general convo on social media, blog article, Goodreads, networking, business relationships, Comic-Con, and/or a frivolous night of forbidden passion that involved chanting, a bonfire, a full moon, and a gallon of organic honey.

I’m writing to ask a favor.  Well two favors.  I’m currently embarking upon a social reading experiment called READ AROUND THE WORLD designed to encourage…

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